How to Create a Walk-In Closet You Can Shop Each Day

Obsessed with the beautiful displays at every boutique store you frequent? Now, you can bring these boutique elements home, and take your walk-in closet from lacking to luxe. Here are just a few fashionable updates that will make choosing outfits in your walk-in closet feel like an incredible shopping experience each day.

Put your favorites on display.
If you have items you love, give them the space to shine. Showcase your shoes in sleek shelves or use glass cabinets to put your collection of clutches on display. Incorporate other beautiful items that fit your color scheme like candles, books or a framed photo to make your closet more than just a closet. Integrated lighting in your display cabinets will give your accessories an extra glow, making them look as gorgeous as the first day you bought them. For more ideas, see our accessory edition for boutique walk-in closets.

walk-in closet shoe display

Keep it comfortable.
No walk-in closet is complete without a space for you to sit, sip, and relax while you plan your outfits for the week ahead. Utilize a corner of your walk-in closet for a cozy cushioned nook or add an ottoman at the center of your closet for a 360-degree view of your belongings. This will be the perfect sitting spot for strapping on a pair of heels or just relaxing in your new favorite space.

walk-in closet

Make your custom closet stand out.
Pick stand-out pieces that show off your style while making your closet functional and organized. Try textured cabinets and polished hardware for a sophisticated feel, or, choose rich wooden cabinets topped with crown molding for classic elegance.

walk-incloset with crown moulding

Make space.
The key to a great walk-in closet is allowing enough space for you to comfortably browse your gorgeous collection. Maximize your space by building your closet up to the ceiling and utilizing corner shelves. Deep, wide drawers allow you to tuck away bulky sweaters for more space while still allowing easy access when you want them.

Add a focal point.
Boutiques always have focal points that draw people in, and so should your walk-in closet. This could be an accessory wall or a wall detailed with elegant wallpaper. Take your boutique closet to the next level by incorporating a custom island for added storage and glamour. With an island, show off your favorite pieces or place a velvet tray for jewelry on top as an added detail.

walk-in closet stricklands closets and home organization

With these changes, you won’t have to leave your house to shop the best boutique in town. If you are ready to shop your walk-in closet, contact us or visit our showroom at Strickland’s Home on 5422 Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC to get started.