So, we’ve talked about man caves. Now, let’s tackle “she sheds.” The she shed is a little different than the man cave because it isn’t an all-purpose phrase for any room; it’s a shed. But there are a few other types of rooms that a woman might consider to be “a room of her own.”

As with the man cave, the room organization is as important as the room itself. After all, who can truly focus on relaxing when there’s a mess to be cleaned up?

She Shed Organization: If you’re lucky enough to have a shed in your backyard already, you’re miles ahead when it comes to the she shed trend. They can be reading nooks; craft centers; gardening areas; and more — all far away from the prying eyes of husbands, boyfriends, or little ones. But when you have a shed to work with, how do you begin designing and organizing it?

Organizational factors to consider: In any shed, space is at a premium. What will the purpose of your she shed be? Will you need cubby storage, like in this home entryway? A cute, concealable Murphy bed for comfortable reading time? Whatever your needs are, Strickland’s can help design the perfect storage system for you.

Craft Room Organization: The DIY craft room was the original she shed-style room. It doesn’t matter if you’re sewing, doing crafts, making art, or using the room for multi-purpose creative activities; most women consider craft rooms to be their personal space. But craft room organization can be a tricky beast, especially if you have multiple interests, and keeping a craft room organized in the long-term can feel like a losing battle.

Organizational factors to consider: Maximizing your space while maintaining closed storage for supplies. Need a clear mind (and surface) to make your art? Try a freestanding counter-height island with storage drawers included below. It’s also important to consider your lighting; no one feels creative in the dark!

Kitchen and Pantry Organization: We know, we know: the kitchen isn’t a private space! Though that’s true (you can hardly ban your family from coming in the kitchen), many women consider the kitchen a truly creative space. Whether it’s baking, cooking, or plating that strikes your interest, an organized pantry and kitchen makes getting in the zone that much easier.

Organizational factors to consider: Counter space and shelving. Like in the craft room, a freestanding island can provide the space you need to cook or bake effectively. But what’s even more important than that is the organization of your pantry itself. Make sure the items you use are in sight, easy to reach, and ideally always close at hand; it’ll make cooking and baking feel like a breeze.

Garage Gardening Room Organization: Who doesn’t like digging their hands in the dirt and nurturing something beautiful? Like the garage workshop man cave, if it’s well organized a garage gardening area for women can become the most relaxing area of the house. What does it require? Usually, handy hooks and storage accessories for your spades, shovels, hoses, and rakes (and closed cabinets to hide them in), drawers or cubbies for seeds and other small items; and counter space for all your to-be-potted plants.

Organizational factors to consider: With great gardening comes great messes. Luckily, we have all sorts of garage accessories to help contain the spread of soil and gardening tools. From counter space to clean, beautiful cabinetry, we have everything you need to turn your garage from a cold, hardware-centric space to a green thumb paradise.

Ready to give yourself the room of your own that you’ve always needed? Take a quick trip out to Strickland’s showroom today to discuss your project with an expert today.