Stricklands-Pantry-300x200All of us have experienced the frustration of not being able to find a certain ingredient or item in our pantry that we just know is there.  The irritation of spending several minutes searching — sometimes unsuccessfully — for what’s needed, can derail a cook in the kitchen, especially if guests are due to arrive soon for a dinner party! Knocked over spices or out-of-date foodstuffs stuck in the back of your cabinets can be additional problems in a poorly organized pantry.

Never fear! If you dream of picture perfect pantry organization, we can help.  Strickland’s Window Coverings is not just the best place in Wilmington, NC to find window treatments. We’re also the parent company of Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization, so we have access to a full range of .ORG storage and organizational products.  Our in-house designers are here to help with closet and pantry organizational storage solutions to maximize the efficiency of your kitchen.

Here are some of our ideas to maximize your pantry’s usefulness, cut back on clutter, and create your dream kitchen:

  1. Stricklands-Wine-Racks1-150x150Choose built-in glass and stemware racks to save cabinet space for other items. Stemware racks are popular for their clean look and convenience. It’s easy to grab a glass and rejoin the party! These racks are available in a range of finishes and materials, from traditional woods to sleek contemporary metals.
  2. Install wine bottle storage to declutter your countertops and bar spaces. Sturdy racks—available in a variety of beautiful woods and metals—store larger quantities of wine safely and make selecting the perfect vintage easy. Even a slim rack can hold dozens of bottles, saving you space.
  3. Select vertical storage dividers to fit all your platters, trays, and cutting boards in that convenient cabinet close to your oven. These handy dividers separate pantry items so that you don’t risk toppling all the items in your cabinet to reach a tray at the bottom.
  4. Stricklands-Closet-Org-Pantry-150x150Put all your drawers on extension glides! Drawers on quality rollers, usually called glides, pull out easily so you can see what’s hidden and have a clear view of every can, jar and box. These are also wonderful for pots and pans, if you don’t like the look of pot racks in your kitchen. Once you’ve used gliders, you won’t want to go back to an inaccessible old cabinet.
  5. Use hooks to hang linens. Or, if you want to be like the famous chef Julia Child, whose well-appointed kitchen is now at the Smithsonian, you can use hooks for all kinds of functional kitchen storage. Well-chosen and sturdy hooks can keep linens clean, add more storage to your vertical spaces, and make tools easier to access when cooking.

Whatever you decide, in our showroom, you’ll find everything you need to organize your kitchen spaces for function and beauty and a dedicated sales staff to help you. Contact us today to learn more!