If there’s one thing we know about book lovers, it’s that the words “custom home library” are sure to spark some interest. Because the only thing better than books and reading is having a room dedicated to both. And if you can customize everything from the shelving to the lighting to the aesthetic finishing touches? Well, we can’t imagine a better happily ever after. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for your custom personal library, inspired by the titles of some well-known reads:

A Wrinkle in Time: Display your photos, souvenirs and other treasures

Your custom personal library shelves don’t have to strictly house books. Consider an eclectic and personality-filled mix of some of your other treasured possessions: family photos, souvenirs from your travels, beloved knickknacks, and art. It’s the perfect way to capture meaningful moments in your life—the same way your favorite books do.

Angle of Repose: Relax, read, repeat

We’re willing to bet that your ideal custom home library would have plenty of cushy seating, but why not take your relaxation to the next level? Adding a Murphy Bed that’s concealed behind sliding bookcases will give you that reading-in-bed comfort you love and provide an extra accommodation for bookish guests, too.


The Sun Also Rises: Read at all hours with custom lighting

As any hardcore bookworm knows, the sun going down doesn’t mean you’ll put your book down. Squinting into the wee hours of the night, however, is never good for your future reading prospects. The solution? Integrated lighting. Not only will it spotlight the hardcovers that have your heart, it’ll also support your just-one-more-chapter habits.

The Color Purple: Customize with colors, finishes, and special details

Whether you’ve always wanted a bright, airy custom home library or one that sports the old-school elegance of rich woods and dark finishes, we can help. As you stock your space with cabinetry and shelves, you can keep your preferred color scheme in mind—and even add an epilogue of crown moldings and other architectural details.

Brave New World: Dedicate an area for electronic readers and chargers

Sure, you’ll always love the smell and feel of real books. But for those book lovers who are venturing into the brave new world of e-readers, it’s a good idea to have a designated place to store and charge. Custom drawers or closed cabinetry can wrangle your readers and hide unsightly cords, too.

Winesburg, Ohio: Add a libation station to your library

Don’t forget your reading glasses…and the wine or tea that goes in them! One of the ultimate luxuries of a custom home library is a beverage station. It can be designed to complement the colors of your cabinets and shelves and tailored to your reading refreshment of choice.


Great Expectations: Don’t be afraid to dream big!

The key to a custom personal library is to make it, well, personal. Display your book collection behind sleek glass doors. Mix your medias and add an entertainment center with a hideaway TV. Install a backsplash of colorful wallpaper to your bookshelves. Make your bookshelves touch the ceiling. When creating your custom personal library, take a cue from your favorite fiction and use your imagination.

We have high shelf-esteem when it comes to custom home libraries. For more on how we can make your dream library a reality, stop by Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization soon!