Living Room Storage for the Whole Family

When it comes to living room storage, it’s important to keep every family member in mind. Living rooms have to play quadruple duty and then some when it comes to multi-functionality. Thankfully, there are storage solutions for everyone’s needs. Here are a few living room storage ideas for family members of all ages.

The Little Ones: With storage for the smallest members of the family, safety is a key concern, especially when it comes to curious explorers. Keep breakables like vases and pottery out of reach but on display with glass storage cabinets. Keep wires and plugs tucked away in custom cabinetry with cable management. For toddlers and youngsters who have lots of toys and stuffed animals, opt for open storage containers and bins for easy access and cleanup when the living room turns into a playroom. Living room furniture can double as storage with containers that slide out from coffee tables, window nooks, or cabinetry.

The Gamers: Whether you’re having a family movie night together or the teens are playing video games for a break from homework, everyone deserves a well-organized entertainment center. With custom cabinetry, everything is right where it belongs. Carefully shelf DVDs and CDs, organize wires and plugs out of sight, and place electronic devices and game consoles inside cabinets where they’re easy to pull out and put away on demand.

living room storage ideas for gamers

The Nostalgic Mama: Custom cabinetry allows for the nostalgic mom to show off her family in all its glory. Use wooden shelving to hold framed photographs of special milestones like prom and graduation, as well as photo albums of adorable baby photos and family trips. Glass display cases with built-in lighting can be used to commemorate awards and trophies the kids have earned, as well as family heirlooms like antiques and vases. Special collections of antique typewriters, sports memorabilia, or collectible figurines don’t belong boxed up or put away in the attic. In this family room, they can be on full display.

The End-of-Day Dad: Dads deserve more than leather recliners and media centers. To channel the man cave within the living room, give yours a libation station. The beverage station can be designed to match the colors of your cabinets and shelves and tailored to store the evening drink of his choice.

Ready to make your living room storage family-friendly? Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization can help install storage solutions with the whole family in mind. Give us a call or come by our design center to get started on your home storage project.