Laundry Room Storage Options for Multipurpose Rooms

In a perfect world, we’d all have full-sized rooms dedicated solely to laundry. But in most homes, that’s just not how it works! Maybe your laundry room also serves as the mudroom, maybe it’s in the basement or garage, or maybe it attaches to the kitchen.

When that’s the case, it can be difficult to keep your laundry room storage separate and organized. We want to help! We’ve picked out a few of the most common multipurpose laundry combos and paired them with their best-fitting organizational system.

Combo Mudroom/Laundry Room Storage

When your laundry is in the mudroom, the most important thing to take into consideration is, well, mud (or for those of us living in Holden Beach, Oak Island, Southport or Bald Head Island – sand!). Entryways are a hotbed for muddy or sandy shoes, damp backpacks or purses, wet coats, and anything else that’s been exposed to the elements. Not exactly ideal for a laundry room, where you’re trying to get everything clean!

Best storage option: Coat hooks and cubbies. At Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization, our products can be customized to fit any room, so we suggest cubbies with doors—floor-to-ceiling if there’s space—where all those outdoor clothes and shoes can be stored safely away from any clean laundry. You can also designate a cubby for laundry-related products only.


Combo Basement/Laundry Room Storage

Is your washer/dryer tucked away in the basement or garage? These two rooms have similar functions and similar problems. Basements and garages have a tendency to be dusty, cobwebby, and a little damp—especially in low-lying Wilmington, NC, where we sit at sea level! Luckily, they also have another thing in common: they’re pretty spacious.

Best storage option: Because of the space available, your best option in a combo garage or basement/laundry room is to turn the laundry section into its own separate mini-room. We can build out from the washer/dryer to make it one concise unit. Think: long, deep cabinets with doors and interior shelving. You can also give yourself a flat workspace with a sink, for folding and hand-washing. This cabinetry style is perfect for garage and basement storage, too, since it doesn’t need to be immediately visible.


Combo Kitchen/Laundry Room Storage

If your laundry room is located in or adjacent to the kitchen, it presents a unique challenge. When we entertain guests, we gravitate toward the kitchen. But no one wants their dirty laundry on display — literally — when they’re hosting. The main goal with kitchen/laundry room storage is how to hide it.

Best storage option: The ideal option is to enclose your washer/dryer in a kitchen cabinet. This is where Strickland’s customizing features really shine. Our ORG Home components come in a wide variety of colors and feature a range of easily hidden laundry accessories, so you can stay organized and seamlessly match your laundry storage to the rest of your kitchen. No one need be the wiser!

Ready to reinvent your combination laundry room storage system? Stop by Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization today to speak with an expert and take a look at our products.