The latest laundry machines are supposed to streamline your daily laundry routine, but you might still spend more time in your laundry room than you’d like. Americans go through 35 billion loads of laundry each year, which adds up to roughly eight hours in the laundry room each week. Read about these simple organizational tips so your laundry doesn’t keep you from having fun at the beach or the pool this summer.

Use Towel-Drying Racks
When you imagine your summer laundry, you probably picture tons of beach towels. You’ll use them at home when you go to the pool and even more frequently when you visit the beach. After you clean your used beach towels to get rid of sand and bacteria, air dry them on towel racks.Towel racks fold up easily so they fit in your trunk before you leave home. You can also store them between your laundry machines to save floor space for other handy organization tools like pull-out hampers.

laundry room towel drying racks

Pull-out hamper will keep your family’s dirty clothes and towels out of sight. It will instantly create the appearance of a clean room and give you more space to work with. Bonus points if you color code multiple hampers or bins so there’s one for each member of your family.

Add a Collection Jar
The last thing you want to hear is something – shells, rocks, coins, bottle caps – bumping around in the washing machine that shouldn’t be there. You may be in the habit of checking pockets as you sort laundry, but what do you do with all of those summer treasures? Place a collection jar in the family to store the finds so your family can retrieve that heart-shaped rock or cool shell they stuffed in their pockets as they enjoyed their summer fun. It’s a great conversation piece and a safe way to prevent seashells and coins from getting into your washer and dryer and potentially causing damage.

Create an Ironing Station
With an ironing station in the laundry room, you can give sundresses and shorts a quick press while you’re doing the laundry, saving valuable cocktail and sunset-gazing time before your evening barbecue or al fresco dinner. Our fold-out ironing board pivots into seven convenient positions for quick touch-ups before you head out. Then, it disappears behind a drawer when not in use. Store the iron, spray starch and other ironing supplies in a nearby shelf or cabinet.

laundry room ironing station

Invest in Stain-Fighting Supplies
Every laundry room should have a dedicated space for stain-fighting supplies. Something as simple as a bottle of white vinegar can remove barbecue sauce stains after a cookout on the beach. Plus, you’ll want plenty of space to store extras so you can stock up once and then enjoy your summertime fun with fewer trips to the store!

Create a Serene, Relaxing Laundry Experience
Laundry won’t feel like a chore if you have a custom laundry room with all your organizational needs built in. Get in contact with the team at Strickland’s Closets and Home Organization to discuss upgrading the laundry room at your beach house or year-round home. Our team of local coastal experts knows which key features will reduce your laundry time so you can have summer fun while the season lasts.