3 Key Questions to Ask Before Starting an Interior Garage Design Project

Interior garage design isn’t something most people think about — the garage is that place you put your holiday decorations, your kids’ bikes and toys, your cars, your tools, or all that extra stuff you own but can’t fit in the house. Some people think it’s crazy to design your garage like you would design your house. The truth is, though, that a well-planned interior garage design can exponentially improve the room’s usability and storage capabilities!

Before you get started on your project, there are a few important questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

How Do I Plan to Use My Garage?

An interior garage design is only good if it matches what you plan to keep in the garage! For instance, if you’re storing classic cars, you might want sleek, deep cabinets to store car maintenance materials or hobby gear. But, if you’re a chef, you might prefer an organizational system that has space for an industrial-size fridge or freezer for the food that doesn’t fit in your kitchen fridge. If you use your garage primarily as a space to store things like bikes and outdoor sports equipment, it might be most helpful to you to install heavy-duty hooks, shelves, and ceiling racks.

stricklands garage interior design project

Once you’ve decided on your garage’s primary purpose, the rest gets a lot easier!

What Size is The Garage?

The size of the garage will naturally affect your interior garage design. If your space is smaller, you may want to bypass deep, wall-to-wall cabinetry in favor of stylish sports lockers or personalized garage accessories such as hooks and racks.

It’s also important to consider your garage’s foundation. For example, if your garage is older and has uneven floors, you might consider installing cabinetry with adjustable legs or even wall-mounted cabinetry, so you can ensure your storage system remains stable and level.

stricklands interior design garage project

What Style Storage System Am I Interested In?

Your garage is a room just like any other room in your house. What does that mean? Style is important, too! The specific style you decide on for your interior garage design can be the difference between a good garage and a stunning one.

We’ve had clients who wanted their garage to function as an extra playroom for the kids, complete with pool table and beanbag chairs, or as their own “man cave,” with tool cabinets, workstations, a minibar, or flat-screen TVs for the big game. For those clients, form was just as important as function! Since our products are sturdy, American-made, fully customizable, and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, we’re able to check every box! No matter what your style is, we can design a product to fit.

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If you’re ready to get a head start on your interior garage design project, head down to our showroom today. One of our experts will be happy to help you!