It’s one of our most frequently asked questions: How do I hide my home office? It seems a lot of folks feel that a home office should be used but not seen. It should be functional, but not distracting. It should be a place to focus, not a place that steals the focus from your home. Sound familiar? Read on for a few tips and tricks for how to conceal and contain your home office.

Clutter Camouflage: From computers and printers to cords and books, home offices usually require a lot of gear. But all those necessary accessories don’t need to steal the spotlight. One simple but game-changing solution is to conceal all that clutter in designated spots: open cubbies for laptops, cabinets and extendable drawers for concealing printers or paper, wire trays for cables, and more.

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Out-of-the-Box Office Space: There’s no official office rule book that says a home office must have its own room. An under-the-stairs desk is an nontraditional work space but an excellent option for those who want to take advantage of all their home’s nooks and crannies. We can help you tuck a desk, shelving, and more into this unappreciated spot, and the out-of-the-box thinking doesn’t end there. Alcoves and spare closets can easily be turned into mini offices. They can be hidden behind accordion doors, and curtains or built to blend with the rest of a room.

Open Shelving Prioritizing: Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best: if your current home office storage has a lot of open shelving, it may be contributing to the clutter you can’t stand. Be strategic about your open shelving; many folks find it easier to “hide” their office when the open shelving is reserved for organized displays or a few books and everything else is concealed behind cabinets and in drawers.


A Multipurpose Mentality: Sometimes hiding an office is all about making it less of a one-note space. A storage bench can provide seating and a place to keep spare equipment. A project table can serve as a desk or a craft space. Low-profile LED strips mounted beneath cabinets can provide light and eliminate the need for space-hogging lamps.

Need a little help hiding your home office? We’ve got plenty more ideas for home office storage and creative space solutions—visit our Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization showroom for more!