Why Closets Make the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Over the years, dads collect many Father’s Day gifts. Funky socks and wild ties all need a home, which is a challenge when men typically get less closet space than women. Whether you’re thinking of your husband or your father, here are a few reasons why custom ordering his closet will be your best present yet.

He’ll Enjoy Upgraded Drawers: Instead of the traditional socks and underwear, give Dad some upgraded drawers! Standard homes typically don’t come with closets that have drawers. Yet many elements of a man’s wardrobe are best suited to closed, flat storage rather than hanging storage. Keep his t-shirts, underwear, jeans, and sweaters neatly tucked away inside a tower of drawers. He might decide to use them to fold and store his ties, including the ones given to him for past Father’s Days. He’ll also never search through the house again to find his watches, belts, and sunglasses because they’ll all have homes of their own inside neatly organized drawers with inserts.

his closet upgraded drawers

Getting Dressed in the Mornings Will Be Easier: Custom closets also open the door for pull-out racks. Some men own mostly work clothes, so the man in your life may need belt and tie racks. Our pull-out racks pivot 90 degrees to help him select the morning’s accessories with style with ease and style. Belt and tie racks will slide into the cabinetry to hide when he doesn’t need them, but extend out when he’s selecting accessories as he dresses for the day.

his closet belt rack

He’ll Save Time: You can also arrange for his closet to save him time every day. A collapsible ironing board built into the closet discreetly stores itself inside cabinetry and eliminates visual clutter by not leaning against a wall. Install spotlights under an upper cabinet as a bonus so he never misses a detail while he irons.

his closet saves time

He’ll Thank You Every Time He Gets Dressed: The team at Strickland’s Closets can schedule a consultation so the man in your life gets a gift unlike any other. Reinventing his closet will save him time, space, and make life easier, all while serving as a constant reminder of how much he’s loved.