How to Highlight the View in Your Brunswick County Home Office

One in every five Americans works from home—and that number is getting bigger every year. It makes sense. In places like Brunswick County, NC, the landscape is so lovely that nobody wants to commute to a dimly lit, cubicle-filled room if they don’t have to. As more and more people are trading their corporate desks for the flexibility of telecommuting, the home office is becoming a more important room than ever before.

If your home office isn’t living up to the view just yet, read on for some great tips for how to organize it to make the most of your window space.

Bald Head Island Home Office: Ocean View

If you’re lucky enough to work from home on Bald Head Island, you’ve got it made! No loud cars passing by your window, no hectic construction, just the calming sights of the white-sand beach and ocean and wildlife.

To make your home office blend in with its light, airy surroundings, we suggest placing your desk in the middle of the room — facing the window, of course — and hiding all those pesky computer cables with a cord organizer and wire basket under the back of the desk. You’ll want to prioritize clean lines and a lot of closed storage, so your space is always as smooth and fresh as the beach at sunrise.

brunswick county home office desk with wire cord catch

Southport Home Office: Main Street View

Who could want more than a Main Street Southport view? With its nostalgic Southern Americana feel, Southport’s downtown is the perfect combination of cozy and cosmopolitan. A home office with a view like that should lean in to the classic feel and make use of dark, rich wood cabinetry—like the offices in It’s a Wonderful Life, for instance. And, don’t forget lots of soft lighting.

brunswick county home office library

Think of it this way: by replicating the feel of It’s a Wonderful Life’s sturdy woodwork, you can also replicate Jimmy Stewart’s inspiring goodwill and heartfelt love for his hometown. After all, Bedford Falls had the same classic, small-town Americana feel as Southport, N.C. (even if their weather wasn’t quite as nice as ours!)

Brunswick Forest Home Office: Marshland

Brunswick Forest lies in the northeastern section of Brunswick County. It’s a retirement-focused community just outside of Wilmington, in the low-lying marshlands west of the Cape Fear River. Although not everybody who lives in Brunswick Forest is retired, a lot of people in the area work part-time from home to earn money while enjoying the relaxed lifestyle and stunning vistas.

A home office looking out into marshland can spotlight its views by bringing the feel of the grasslands into the office itself. Think: light woods with earthy light green and blue accent tones. We suggest sleek hardware with legs above the floor. An added bonus? It’s super easy to clean underneath and around cabinetry that doesn’t go all the way to the floor.

brunswick county sleek home office design

St. James Plantation Home Office: Golf Course Views

If you have prime golf-course views from your St. James Plantation home office, it’s important to make sure your office is an enjoyable place to be — otherwise all you’ll want to do is practice your swing!

For an office befitting a golf course view, take your inspiration from this stately staple: the open bookshelf and closed cabinet combo. It provides an elegant backdrop for a centered, window-facing desk. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to focus when you work from home — but when your office looks this dignified, it’ll be a lot easier to get to work. Another perk? Any golfers who glance in your window are sure to be impressed.

brunswick county traditional home office

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