Sugar, spice, everything nice — that’s what they say about little girls. But one of the best parts about being a girl or having a daughter isn’t found in a nursery rhyme. It’s found in the closet. That’s where closet organization becomes a necessity. Yes — we’re talking about the sparkles, the glitter, the fluffy boas and costume jewelry. Not every girl’s a fashionista, it’s true — but every fashionista knows how to accessorize.

Now, accessories can be great fun for the girls who love them. But they do present a problem. When you have a billion accessories, how do you store them? How do you organize them? How do you make sure each piece gets its day in the sun?

From hair clips and headbands to jewelry, belts, and shoes, Strickland’s has all the closet hookups a fashionista needs to properly accessorize her space from head-to-toe.


For hair accessories, you want to diversify your storage. Because hair accessories run the gamut from hair clips and ties to headbands and ribbons to hats, they can be incredibly difficult from a closet organization standpoint. For grown-up fashionistas, hat boxes and displays can add a touch of boutique class to your closet. Clips, ties, and ribbons are best stored in small, discreet boxes or drawers.

For little fashionistas, hanging shelves and boxes can be great for organizing headbands, bows, and ribbons, and small labeled boxes are perfect for smaller accessories like clips and ties.


All fashionistas should have a nice jewelry tray for their earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Jewelry is a woman’s premier accessorizing tool. As such, it should have a place of honor. Individual, velvet-lined compartments will make your jewelry tray look elegant, and the velvet will ensure no piece gets damaged. For necklaces, jewelry trees or individual hooks can show off your prettiest pieces (and keep them from getting tangled).

closet organization from Stricklands

(For little fashionistas with lots of inexpensive plastic or costume jewelry, we recommend plastic pull-out trays made specifically for kids. Cute and functional!)


Treat yourself to an accessories hanger. A good accessories hanger is a must-have for any scarf or boa lover. We’re not talking a regular clothes hanger, either. For ideal closet organization, your accessories hanger should be separate enough from your main closet that your scarves can stay permanently on display. When all your scarves are easy to see, putting those final touches on your fashion-forward outfit becomes that much easier.

closet organization from Stricklands


Belt storage can be tricky, especially for women. For men, belts tend to be the same shape and size all the time. Women have fashion belts and functional belts, not to mention belts of varying widths and lengths. Many clients find it hard to prioritize their belt storage: Should you aim for space-saving tools, pristine closet organization, or constant ease of access? You can have it all! A hidden belt storage panel can be custom-made to fit your collection, and it slides easily back into the wall of the closet for those days when a belt just isn’t necessary for the outfit.

closet organization from Stricklands

For little ones, behind-the-door storage hooks can be an ideal fit for belts (and purses). They should be low enough to the ground that she can reach and replace them easily, but not so low that the belts skim the floor.


Shoe racks are a fashionista’s friend! Whether it’s on the floor, custom-built into a cabinet, or hung over the back of the door, every fashionista needs a good shoe rack. Your shoe rack should be easy to access and display every pair of shoes you own. For little fashionistas, we recommend a shoe rack as near to the ground as possible. No woman, young or old, should have to jump to reach her shoes!

closet organization from Stricklands

Ready to give a helping hand to the fashionista in your life? Stop by Strickland’s showroom today to see our fashion-friendly closet accessories in action!