You’ve Got Questions; We’ve Organized Some Answers.

Why should I hire a professional Organizational Systems Designer?

Maximizing your space is equal parts art and science. And truth be told, the real value for your organizational system investment is in the design. Professionally trained designers will know how to utilize corners and vertical space to get the most out of every inch of your space.

They’re also experts in other areas like clothing clearance, which means they can calculate appropriate allowances for hanging items. Our designers also know the best tricks for storing items like shoes, hats, belts, ties and scarves. For example, angled shoe shelves shoe off your footwear to great effect, but take up more space, whereas flat shelving helps you gain more storage.

In short, the advice and guidance of a Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization designer is invaluable. You’ll benefit from the experience they’ve gleaned from countless organizational projects, meaning that you will get the best result for your project.

I’ve never worked with a professional designer before. How does it work?

It’s not unusual for us to work with people who have never used the services of a professional designer, and it’s always nice to know what to expect. That’s why we’ve devoted an entire page to Our Design Process. You can get an idea about how it works from the first phone call to the final installation by reading about it here.

I already know what I want my space to look like. Do I still need a designer?

We love working with people who have definite opinions about their likes and dislikes. You may know what you need or want (which is great!); our strength is that we know how to help you achieve it. And, since our design consultation is free, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a professional designer’s input? Remember that there’s a lot that goes into organizational design including precise measurements for shelving depths and heights so that the organizational components can be ordered correctly. Our products are not made for DIY’ers, so you’ll want to take advantage of the professional design and installation included in our estimates.

Does it matter how large or small my project is?

No. We’ve tackled projects as small as simple pantry with a single door and as large as a closet rivaling the size of most master bedroom suites. One of our most popular projects is a standard 6-foot reach-in closet. Here’s something else to consider: smaller spaces need the most organizational design help, so don’t discount our services because you feel your space is too tiny for us to tackle!

Can you send me a catalog?

Yes. You can request a catalog via our Contact Us page.

How can I order the product?

Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization is an exclusive vendor of ORG Home Products. Our design services and products come hand in hand. We’ll order the product for you after our initial consultation.

Will someone come to my house/office and design for me?

Absolutely! That’s what we do. To learn more, visit Our Design Process page.

How long will my project take?

Project times vary according to the project’s scope, but a typical project takes 3-4 weeks from your first design consultation through completed installation.

How long does installation take?

Installation times vary depending on the scope of the project. Your installation can take as little as a half-day or as long as several days if it is an especially large install. Our typical installations take 1-2 days.

Are ORG systems attached to the wall or floor-mounted?

Often, the answer is either or both, depending on your needs. Our organizational systems are custom built to fit into your precise space, not just built and “applied”. Components are engineered for stability and durability because they are heavy to begin with, and once they are loaded with items they become even heavier. Often systems are designed to be floor-mounted and then anchored to the wall for additional support. Some other companies sell only wall-mounted systems (they are less expensive), but when a heavy system is hung on the wall instead of mounted on the floor, it becomes much less stable and can collapse under the weight.

Can I install the product myself?

No. In the past, we’ve been called in to correct the work of DIY homeowners or competitors who mounted systems improperly that subsequently fell off the wall. Just as with professional design, there are many considerations with professional installation—weight limits based on stud placement, spacing concerns, etc. And, since we include professional installation in our price—and offer a guarantee along with it—why wouldn’t you let our installers do the job? Learn more about installation on Our Design Process page and meet our team of professional installers here.

What materials are used to make ORG Home products?

ORG components are made of engineered wood, meaning that they are wafers of wood pressed together into sheets (their core is made of 100% recycled and recovered wood fibers). This makes the sheets very stable and once coated with our thermo-fused melamine coating, they are highly durable. The benefit is that over time, our product shows less wear and tear than that of our competitors.

We offer you the choice between: Standard Panels that are 100% recycled material and Plus Panels that are 100% recycled material and have no urea formaldehyde added. Both panels are certified by Scientific Certification Systems, a leading environmental certifying agency in North America. Our panels have also achieved Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP) Certification by the EPA.

Your products seem a bit pricier than those of your competitors. Why?

As the old adage goes, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” See our answer to the question above and then consider this: our components have a 2mm edge banding versus the ½ mm edge banding that is standard in the industry. When it comes to strength, quality and durability, Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization’s ORG Home Products are top of the line. The thicker materials won’t dent or chip and they stand up to everyday wear and tear much longer. We also offer soft close drawer slides as a standard feature. Pair our product with superior design and installation, and you’ve got a much better value.

We offer you the choice between: Standard Panels that are 100% recycled material and Plus Panels that are 100% recycled material and have no urea formaldehyde added. Both panels are certified by Scientific Certification Systems, a leading environmental certifying agency in North America. Our panels have also achieved Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP) Certification by the EPA.

What should I prepare for your initial consultation? Is there a fee?

Our initial design consultation is free. Think about what you want to accomplish in terms of function. Consider your style preferences. Determine your budget and the time frame in which you’d like to complete the project. For more about our first meeting, see our Space Planning Ideas page.

How much does an ORG closet or organizational system cost?

You decide what you want your project to cost. Your budget will allow us to guide you through the many options available, offering ideas and suggestions that will help meet your needs while keeping your budget intact.

If you haven’t worked closely with a designer or invested in home improvements recently, you might be looking for a little help to get you in the right “ballpark”. Small projects like a simple one-door closet or one-door pantry range from $800-$1500 dollars. Our typical project size is in the $3 to $6K range. Larger projects can range from $10K to $40K and beyond. No matter your price range, our focus is always on getting you the most for your investment.

How accurate are your estimates?

Our estimates are 100% accurate. The price we quote you is the price you will pay. Period.

How do I get started?

Request an appointment and we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs and set up a meeting time.