The Galley Style Pantry allows high style to meet the economics of a smaller budget. Because it is a smaller space, there are many ways to add luxurious style to a galley style pantry without the price point of larger kitchen and pantry projects. You can make this space functional and memorable with small touches like: a marble countertop, a charming light fixture, or unique hardware. No matter which design elements you choose, any galley style pantry will provide big benefits:

galley style pantry ideas from Stricklands Closets Wilmington NC
  1. Special Occasion Dishes Are Always Within Reach: With a galley style pantry, your glassware and china can come out of the closet! Instead of sitting in the dark, your most beautiful dishes can be prominently displayed and ready for use at all times. This saves you the step of pulling your special occasion dishes out of storage, and cleaning them before your guests arrive. There are plenty of things to worry about — ‘the good china’ doesn’t need to be one of them. Bonus: with a gallery style pantry, you can now use that beautiful stemware for lesser events, such as Wine Down Wednesdays with the girls.
  2. ‘Helpful Guests’ Stay Out of Your Prep Zone: The galley style pantry is perfect for hosts that like to keep guests out of the kitchen’s prep area. With everything at the ready in a galley style pantry, your prep area will no longer be a magnet for well-meaning guests who mill about the kitchen, ready with a helping hand. Likewise, you can store pots, pans and used serving platters in the pantry, waiting until the guests are gone to start the kitchen clean-up. This will keep all the guests together, and free your kitchen from doing double duty as the gathering spot.
  3. galley style pantry makes for easy party prep
  4. Party Disasters Are Easily Averted: It wouldn’t be a party if there weren’t a few mishaps. Say you forgot to get a bowl for the dip, or you forgot to slice cucumbers for the crudité platter. The galley style pantry affords you a secluded space, with everything in reach, where you can quickly resolve such issues. Thanks to vertical dividers, you won’t need to dig through cupboards for a cutting board — or worry about guests offering to pitch in to help. Simply grab what you need, take care of the problem, and get back to being a hostess without anyone knowing what you forgot.
  5. Clean-Up is a Breeze: Because it is a compact space, a galley style pantry makes clean-up a cinch. Cleaning supplies can be neatly concealed behind cabinet doors, nearby and at-the-ready whenever you need them. Special hinges allow the door to open wide for easy access to your supplies while mops, brooms or reusable shopping bags nestle on handy hooks.
  6. Specialty Appliances Actually Get Used: Beyond the ease and luxury of entertaining-made-easy, there are the day-to-day benefits of the galley style pantry. With your small appliances properly stored, you’re more likely to use them. Inherent to galley pantry design, there are two full walls for storage, allowing the waffle maker, the blender, the Cuisinart, and the stand-alone mixer homes of their own. Clear your countertops and keep your juicer ready for use in the morning; you can store it in a deep solid wood drawer that pulls out smoothly on full-extension, ball bearing slides. Add a wire fruit basket right next to it and you can prep everything right in the pantry! We all know that fruits and vegetables taste best when they are not refrigerated. A produce basket in a galley style pantry preserves that fresh-from-the-farm taste longer, by keeping produce away from the varying temperatures of the kitchen.
galley style pantry with pullout drawers

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