These days, showcasing your personality is as easy as wearing eye-catching jewelry, changing up your hair color, or choosing to modify your car to include all the bells and whistles. Your closet can also flash personality with the help of one magic word: customization. A custom closet is one that has been designed to fit your space and your needs exactly. That means it’s less cookie cutter and more tailor made—a space that incorporates your personality in every detail. Read on for a few ways closet customization can suit you to a tee.

Hardware & Finishes

It’s all in the details! Customizing your closet’s hardware and finishes is right up there with choosing the colors for your car, your house’s walls, or your wedding ring. Hear us out: Closet panels with rich, dark wood can make a closet seem stately, masculine, or even historical. Panels with lighter finishes are often seen as airy, beachy, bright, or classic. As for knobs and hardware? Think of them like your closet’s jewelry. You can go sophisticated and contemporary, Old World and unique, or any other tone you’d like.

Custom Closet

Crown Molding

On home design TV shows, people often “ooh” and “ahh” when a dining room or living room features crown molding. Well, crown molding has the same kind of wow factor applies when its included in a custom closet. Including this architectural detail in an unexpected place, i.e. the closet, adds a unique wow-factor to your space.


Here’s a lightbulb moment for you: the lighting in your closet shouldn’t be one watt fits all. Customizing your closet lighting can mean anything from a striking chandelier to recessed lights, dimmer lights, spotlights, and more. It all depends on how you want to shed light on your closet.

Drawer Dividers

Some folks use drawer dividers because they’re neat freaks, some use dividers because it helps them attempt to maintain order. Either way, customizing your closet with drawer dividers can make the space more “you”.



If you’re a shoe buff or jewelry addict, these traits can be a big part of your personality and style. Customizing your closet to include a display for your collection helps corral your favorite looks and create a dazzling and artful display. That means floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves or pull-out jewelry trays are as functional as they are fun.

Custom Storage

Ready to add some pizzazz and personality to your closet? We’d love to chat with you about all your custom closet options!