Custom Closet Doors: To Show or Not to Show?

To show or not to show – when it comes to closet doors for custom-designed closets, there are two different camps. Some people choose to make their new closet the focal point of their bedroom design; others prefer to hide their dirty laundry. You’ll want to choose an aesthetic that works for your individual needs while considering these important factors:

Pros of Open Closet:

  • Why invest all that time in designing your ideal boutique closet only to hide the results? With no closet door, the closet becomes an intricate part of the design.
  • An open closet concept makes a smaller space appear larger. Rather than boxing off the area, it will give an immediate sense of airiness and spaciousness.
  • Keeping your closet open can bring in natural light that makes dressing for the day easier.
  • For families with children, open closets teach kids autonomy. You can start your children off right, teaching them strong organizational skills from the get-go. If there’s not a door to shut, they can’t hide the mess!
open closet with no closet doors

Cons of Open Closet:

  • You will need maintain a very tidy closet, especially if you have open racks, shelving, and bins.
  • If you have difficulty falling asleep when there is work to be done, you might not want an open closet you can see from your bed.
  • Lay all your clothing out — do you have a specific color palette for your wardrobe? With an open closet, your clothing will inevitably be part of the design. Clothing in a wide range of colors might aggravate the design aesthetic of the overall area.
  • If you have children, remember that they love to play dress-up. An open area is more inviting than one that is partially hidden; if your kids love wearing your dresses and heels, you might want to keep the contents of your closet out of sight and out of mind.
open closet with curtain instead of closet doors

If you decide that closet doors are the right choice for you, there are some great trends in custom closet doors that can provide the best of both worlds:

Practical Ideas for Closet Doors:

  • Curtains are a simple solution that allow you to create the open feel when everything is in order, while still having an option to close off the space when your clothing isn’t exactly color-coded. For a truly elegant look, create a stylish enclosure with unique hardware.
  • If executed properly, bi-fold doors can be a great design decision. They are easy to open, and they allow ample room to work within the closet. A bi-fold closet door with mirrors gives the space an open feel while allowing the contents of your closet to remain hidden.
  • A barn door on a sliding track makes a bold statement. It allows your closet to remain a major design focal point while creating the privacy you may sometimes need. Keep the door open when desired, or closed during a busy week when you weren’t able to iron and hang up all of those clothes. Even better, single track bypass closet doors save space; you won’t need to worry about the open door blocking a vanity or bureau when it glides over the wall.
open closet with barn door instead of traditional closet doors

Still undecided on whether to show or not to show? Come view our display closets in the Strickland’s design centers, where we can discuss custom closet door option for you and your family in more detail.


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