Virginia Woolf famously said “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” That’s why we like to think that the ever-popular craft room would get the stamp of approval from Virginia herself. The craft room is a space wholly devoted to creativity—and the very best craft rooms are always a combination of useful, inspirational, and personal. If you’ve been wanting a craft room to call your own, we’ve got a few tips for how to make your work space work for you.

An organized craft room

Don’t forget display space: As you’re dreaming about the perfect work space, don’t forget that display space is just as important! Display space allows you to show off completed projects, see connecting themes in your work, get inspired, and bask in the accomplishment of a craft well done. Try open shelving to turn your craft room wall into a gallery but don’t be afraid to get creative, too: use string and clothespins for a funky display, glass door cabinets for a refined touch, and adjustable hooks for a spur-of-the-moment exhibit.

Go for storage that goes with your art: Whether you’re all about scrapbooking, painting, jewelry-making, or quilting, you can tailor your craft room storage so that it suits your medium. Our ORG wall with adjustable hanging baskets and hooks can help corral tools, brushes, and more. Vertical cubbies are perfect for sketch pads, canvases, and paper. Craft or wrapping paper rolls can be tucked neatly into nearly any space.

Stricklands Closets Craft Room

Repeat after us: wide open work spaces: Part of having a craft room of your own is having room to spread out and work. A large desk provides both work space and storage. A stand-alone, counter height island gives you an expansive work space and open access from all sides. (You can even customize the counter top: butcher block, Forterra desktop, and more.) The sky is the limit when it comes to creating an area for you to get down to arts and crafts business.

Stricklands Closets Craft Room

Technology is key: It may be tempting to make your craft room a technology-free zone but consider this: A computer and printer could become essential to your art. Listening to music via integrated audio might make your projects even more enjoyable. And strategically-placed outlets could give you a whole lot of artistic freedom. Of course, if you’d prefer to camouflage some of these technological details, we can help with beautiful resin cabinet door panels, pull-out drawers, wire-hiding storage, and more.

If you think Virginia Woolf had the right idea, we’d love to help you create a craft room to call your own. Stop by Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization to get started.