8 Must-Haves for Smart Mudroom Storage

When it comes to home organization that’s smart and efficient, mudroom storage is an absolute must. If the kitchen is the beloved heart of the home, the mudroom is the underappreciated brain. As you and your loved ones run in and out of the house, the mudroom is the small yet high-functioning space for everything you need for your day to run smoothly. To make the most of your mudroom, check out our 8 must-haves for mudroom storage and organization.

  • The message board: It is so easy to forget things on the way out the door, especially on busy weekdays. To avoid this problem, use some wall space in your mudroom for a small dry erase board or chalkboard so you and yours can leave notes and messages about special appointments, reminders, or chores.
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  • The shoe storage system: Mudrooms can become a tripping hazard fast when shoe storage isn’t built in. Make your space do double-duty with a welcoming bench in the entryway with sections for shoe storage built in underneath. If you’re low on space for your mudroom, cabinets or shelving can also be built for optimal shoe-level storage.
  • The mini-mail station: Piles upon piles of mail make a mudroom messy fast. Here’s an easy fix: Install a wall-mounted file holder for mail, letters, and other important papers you don’t want to forget on the way in or out.
  • The classic key rack: Hang yours right beside the door, so knowing where your keys are can become an easy and life-simplifying habit. If you want a more stylish option, consider a small side table with a decorative bowl to drop keys, sunglasses, and other small accessories in.
  • The cubby-closet: Use open storage cabinets with cubbies and hooks for ready-to-go backpacks, purses, reusable grocery bags, and briefcases, as well as jackets, sweaters, and coats.
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  • The rainy day station: Hooks outside the cubby-closet make for a great rainy day station that won’t warp cabinet wood with drips. Use this space for raincoats, umbrellas, and boots.
  • The doggie station: Make sure your mudroom is pet-friendly with extra cubby space for doggie bags, leashes, and toys for the dog park or a trip to the beach. And speaking of the beach…
  • The beach-ready basket: If you live on Topsail Island, Wrightsville Beach, or anywhere else on the beautiful Carolina coast, you know how necessary a beach-ready basket is for your beach house entryway. Stock yours with rolled-up beach towels, sunscreen, and go-to beach reads and magazines.

Organizing your mudroom is a simple way to streamline your time moving in and out of the house. When your mudroom is professionally organized, you save valuable time simply because everything is in its right place. Looking to improve your mudroom storage? The experts at Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization can help. Give us a call or take a stroll through our showroom with us to get started on your mudroom storage design.