7 Tips for Stress-Free Closet Organization

In an ideal world, stress-free closet organization streamlines your morning routine and makes finding what you need as easy as 1-2-3. But more often than not, reality looks like cheap hangers, a pile of clothes ready to topple, and mismatched shoes galore. Sound familiar? Here’s the good news: stress-free closet organization is not difficult to achieve with the help of professional designers and installers at Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization. Here, we share seven of our favorite tips for a stress-free closet.

1. Upgrade to no-slip, disaster-proof hangers.
How many times have you searched for that slinky satin blouse only to find it crumpled up on the ground and in need of a good iron or dry-cleaning? Spare yourself the stress and opt for no-slip hangers.

2. Know what to hang and fold.
Hang go-to daily items like workwear, ties, and belts with hangers and extendable valet rods. But know when folding and stacking make more sense, like with bulky sweaters, t-shirts, and casual slacks.

closet organization

3. Put your shoes up in pairs.
The floor is for walking, not tripping over shoes or searching for that missing match. The stress-free fix? Put your shoes on shelves (arranged by how often you wear them) or on a shoe rack (arranged by occasion). Keep gorgeous special occasion heels or hiking boots in the box, out of the way and safe for when you need them. For more shoe-organizing tips, check out our in-depth guide.

closet organization

4. Blend in the laundry hamper.
If your closet has the space to offer, make room for a large laundry hamper. This way, thrown-off clothes can go straight into the hamper and out of the way. Goodbye piles, hello closet organization!

closet organization

5. Label it all.
Don’t waste time searching through which bin or basket holds what you need; label them from the start.

6. Organize intuitively.
If there’s a time-consuming search for every piece of your outfit and you discover a shirt you haven’t worn in months in the process, you might need a new closet organization strategy. For a stress-free closet, organize intuitively with clothing you wear often (and even entire outfit components) in the same, easy-to-access place.

7. Make closets kid-friendly.
While your closet can be a menagerie of drawers, hangers, and open and closed storage, when it comes to your kid’s closet, keep it simple with lots of bins and baskets. Even better? Color-code them for easy clean-up time.

Your Stress-Free Closet
If your closet is adding more stress to your life, professional organization can help. Give us a call at Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization. Our team will help you organize your closet and install everything you need with our streamlined, stress-free process.