It’s true what they say: Home is most certainly where the heart is. But if your home happens to be what some real estate folks would call cozy—i.e. small—then you may find that your love is tested when space is at a premium. To prove that you can take advantage of every inch of your home, we’ve gathered up space saving solutions that will transform your space. Read on to discover tips and inspiration for your small home.

1. There’s a whole world under your stairs.
No, it’s not a neighbor of Narnia. It’s actually an often overlooked place that could include shelving, a study space, storage for shoes, and more. Just think of it as a waste-not-want-not situation—why not get the most out of a spot that likely isn’t reaching its full potential?

2. Look at your kitchen from a different angle.
In small homes, the kitchen is usually at the top of the list of places people wish they had more storage. Here’s where your high school geometry might come in handy. Pull out drawers have way more area than traditional cabinets; they also eliminate the headache of hard-to-reach spaces. And vertical storage dividers are a much better way to store cutting boards, cookie sheets, and plates. It’s all about looking at typical storage from a new perspective.


3. A Murphy Bed Can Be a Miracle Worker
A fold-away Murphy Bed allows for both a plush place to sleep and maximum living space—perfect for urban dwellers. We can even integrate library shelving or a desk into your Murphy Bed design so you can triple the usefulness of one room.

Murphy Bed & Desk

4. Even Small Closets Can Be Customized
Stricklands-Closet-Org-8-200x300Just because your home is more petite than palatial doesn’t mean that your closet can’t get the full storage treatment. We can take a look at your space and figure out how to add the most rods, drawers, and shelves. We can even work in details like a mirror that tucks away into a gap that would be otherwise empty.

5. You’d Be Surprised by What Can Be Folded In, Pulled Out, and Tucked Away
There are certain space savers that defy your expectations. Think foldaway ironing boards, pull-out valet rods, trash cans that pivot-out from beneath the sink, and laundry bins that tuck away behind sleek doors. We’ll even help you add storage to doors and the space under your cabinets so no space is neglected.


We’d love to help you get big space saver results out of your small home. Visit Strickland’s Closets & Home Organization to find out what we can do for you.