If you’ve ever flipped through a magazine and caught a peek of a celebrity’s home, you know it can inspire serious closet envy. And why not? Those walk-in closets are always extra-large, expertly designed, and highly personalized: Sir Elton John has a walk-in closet just for his sunglasses, Ralph Lauren’s space looks like it’s part of an English estate, and Mariah Carey’s closet is as big as a boutique and just as luxurious. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: closet envy isn’t an incurable affliction. Even if you’re less-than-famous, you can still get a dream walk-in with these 10 ideas:

1. Consider Rods:  Here’s a closet space rule of thumb: each person using the space should have about 48” of rod. We can revolutionize your setup by changing the height, placement, or even how many rods are in your walk-in.

2. Go with Glass:  When it comes to the perfect walk-in closet, display is just as important as storage. With our ORG Home custom wood veneer cabinetry, the ample storage space is certainly handy but it’s glass doors that really set the stage and create a museum-like ambiance.

3. Light the Way:  Closets aren’t generally known as spaces with a lot of natural light so if you want to duplicate the closets of the rich and famous it’s important to add lighting worthy of any star. We can help you out with built-in lighting that’s thoughtfully located and perfect for showcasing all your wardrobe treasures.

4. Take a Seat:  It may feel like a small thing, but adding a seat to your walk-in closet can be the ticket to feeling like you have a truly extravagant space. A small built-in bench not only provides a place to try shoes on or drape clothes, it can also work as another storage option.

5. Add a Mirror to the Mix:  One common feature of dream closets is a mirror. It’s a luxury that’s rooted in practicality—checking how you look is part of the getting-dressed process, right? If you don’t want to give up wall space for a full-length mirror, there are other options. We can always set you up with one that tucks away when not in use, or even outfit your closet with its own vanity.

6. Insert Your Style:  A dream closet doesn’t just store clothes, it reflects your personality, too. Things like customizing your cabinet finish, painting the walls, or adding a colorful rug can all go a long way towards creating a perfect walk-in.

7. Access Your Accessories:  What’s the common denominator between tie racks, jewelry trays, and catch-all baskets? They’re all useful places to store your accessories and add a classy and personal touch to your closet.

8. Plan Vertically:  Maximize every inch of vertical space, whether that means floor-to-ceiling shelves or tiered rods, or a combination of both. There’s nowhere to go but up!

9. Consider Conveniences:  Create a walk-in that’s geared toward your style and your needs. If you find your button-ups often need a quick iron, consider adding a pull-out ironing board to your space. If you’re on the shorter side, include wardrobe rods that can be pulled down from any height. Want a safe space for your jewelry or other valuables? We can add a lock feature to drawers, too.

10. Don’t Forget the Details:  Crown molding, a chandelier, even an eye-catching island. There are all kinds of way to add special and creative details to your closet.

Custom Closet

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